Frenchie pool party. Lacey (Chocolate Merle), Moonshadow (Blue 'n Tan Merle), Abbi (Lilac Fawn) and Ruby (Sable 'n Tan) 

Click here --->  Silly Mountain Frenchie pool party.

Blu & Lucky Buck pups we born August 12th 2021. Pics on the Availabulls page.

With Love & Affection

We are located in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. (Between Apache Junction and Gold Canyon, Arizona.)

Breeding AKC French Bulldogs is our passion.  We've bred blue to blue, blue to bluefawn, blue to blue&tan and plan on blue&tan to blue merle&tan soon.  Our priority when breeding is for health, proportion, symmetry, color and temperament.

They sleep in our bedroom and spend their days with us either in the family room or outside in the yard.

Cracklin' Rosy has been spayed and is on the Availabull Adults page.